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Noa Hen and Ruben Fernandez are the co-founders of Dedicated CPA. Based in Miami, Florida, we bring 18 years of combined expertise in accounting and operations management. We understand the complexities of running a small business and are committed to providing you with accurate financial information. Our objective is to empower you to make well-informed decisions, enhance your bottom line, and find peace of mind in your business operations.



As your business evolves, so do your financial and operational needs. At Dedicated CPA, we offer more than just monthly reports and annual tax preparation. We serve as your comprehensive financial and operational advisors, examining the intricacies of your business to align with your objectives.

Our approach involves in-depth analysis of your financial state and operational efficiency, coupled with tailored advice for critical decisions. We don't merely recount past performance; we identify areas for improvement to position your business as an industry frontrunner.

We establish a relationship built on trust, transparency, and timely communication. Our commitment to your success is reflected in our consistent delivery of high-quality, guaranteed work



Noa Hen
CEO / Founding Partner


Ruben Fernandez

Accountant / Founding Partner

Noa Hen, the CEO of Dedicated CPA, brings a decade of extensive experience to her role. Specializing in a broad range of accounting services, her expertise spans accounts payable, tax preparation, payroll management, and foreign tax issues. Prior to her transition into accounting, Noa garnered invaluable experience in sales management, where she first discovered her passion for the financial aspects of business.


Educationally and professionally accredited, Noa is a well-rounded individual. Beyond her work, she harbors a love for the arts, particularly painting, and is an avid horseback rider. Multilingual, she is proficient in English, Spanish, and Hebrew, broadening her scope of client engagement.

Ruben Fernandez, a co-founder of Dedicated CPA, is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of Florida. With a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and a Master's in Accounting and Financial Management, his educational background is as robust as his professional experience. Ruben began his career in tax accounting, dedicating three years to the field before transitioning to the real estate investment sector. Initially joining as a staff accountant, his expertise and leadership skills quickly propelled him through the ranks. Within two years, he was promoted to the role of Controller and ascended to the position of Chief Financial Officer a year later. Leaving the real estate investment company behind, Ruben co-founded Dedicated CPA to bring his extensive knowledge and skills to a wider client base.

Outside the professional arena, Ruben is an accomplished guitarist and an enthusiast of model aviation, with a particular interest in planes.

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