Have your business finances become increasingly complex?

Your business has begun to take off, but the complexity of your finances and operations have increased, too. You’re unsure what your cash flow looks like, second guessing whether you can truly afford the next big investment, and unprepared for taxes. Even if you know your monthly profit and loss, you may not know how to leverage your financial information to create a trajectory of growth.

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Your business is ready for the next level

Dedicated CPA works with growing and established businesses. Our services are most impactful for small and mid-sized companies that need a holistic picture of their financial situation, a strategy to optimize their business decisions, and financial experts to offer advice at every step on the path toward success.

When you bring Dedicated CPA on board, we become your off-site accounting department and CFOs. We can take care of any or all of the following:

● Accounting
● Accounts payable and receivable
● Cash management
● Forecasting and budgeting
● Tax planning and preparation
● Implementing systems to streamline your processes and operations
● Financial and strategic advice as you grow your business

We customize each service package, according to your business priorities. We are intentional about connecting with you and your needs, when you first contact us, and throughout your relationship with us.

We believe in up-front pricing

The traditional CPA pricing model of charging by the hour is outdated. You will never receive a surprise bill from us. All of our service offerings and prices are based on the factors you consider most important. We will take our time getting to know you and your business, and you will receive a clear proposal of services to be performed, as well as clear pricing for each option before we begin working together.

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We use paperless technology to work with clients

Our office is completely virtual and paperless. We use the latest technology to access data, store files, and work together through video conferencing. We only use software that has been proven safe and secure, and we rely on the industry-standard platforms, Xero and Box.com. We create an encrypted portal for each client. It’s a private, virtual accounting system that can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. We seamlessly gather your data and design reports that have been tailored to your business strategy.

We’re great at virtual, but we’re great at personal, too. If you’re in the South Florida area, we’ll gladly meet you in-person on a regular basis. But technology helps us to be both present and efficient. For most of our meetings, we’ll set up a screen-share conference call that allows us to talk and share a screen. We walk you through every important indicator, answer all of your questions, and discuss what these numbers mean to your business’ bottom line and your decisions going forward.

Implementing systems of virtual, paperless technology will completely revolutionize your business processes so that you can cut costs and be more effective. You’ll finally have the latitude to focus on your growth and profitability.

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