Dedicated CPA accountants are XERO Certified.
This cloud-based accounting software is secure and reliable.

We provide accounting and consulting services to the following businesses:

Medical, Dental, Auto Repair, Architects, Attorneys , Information Technology,  Leisure and Hospitality,
Professional and Business Services, Restaurants, Shipping Companies, Transportation, Logistics,
Real Estate, Mortgage Companies and many others.



Bookkeeping is more than merely entering numbers into your ledger. It requires a deep understanding of the business, managing the day to day input of information, managing the cash flow and much more. Maintaining accurate financial information and making it readily accessible is critical for the business owner to react quickly and appropriately to situations as they arrive. Failure to have your accounting up to date and accessible can result in missed opportunities or unnecessary risk.

In addition to taking care of all your technical needs, we focus on building a long-term relationship based on trust, mutual understanding, respect, transparency and openness.  We will bring our more than 18 years of experience to bear on your business decisions and empower your business to deal with the day to day bookkeeping activities.

Our Cloud-based accounting system will deliver the following features to help you stay on top of your business –

  • Get a real-time view of your cash flow
  • Reduce manual data entries
  • Free automatic updates
  • Easy collaboration with your team
  • Bank level security


Establishing and effectively managing your company’s payroll is an important activity in your business. Failure to prepare and file the appropriate payroll reports, pay the requisite payroll taxes and deductions and pay employees in a timely manner can result in fees, interest, poor image and ultimately hurt your recruitment ability and business performance.  Use our experience and technology to eliminate any potential payroll problems while you focus on building your business with confidence.

Our Flexible Powerful Automated Payroll Service includes the following features –

  • Quick and easy electronic tax filings and payroll iconpayments
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Seamless employee payment
  • Built-in time sheets

Dedicated CPA provides payroll services specifically tailored to your business.  It makes financial sense to outsource your payroll; it is a worry-free process, a time saver, cost effective and allows you to focus on core competencies of your business.

bookkeeping payroll

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Preparing your own tax returns can be an awesome task that leaves you with more questions than answers.   Dedicated CPA has performed  tax preparation services for over 15 years.  With that amount of experience under our belt, you know we will get it right.

Tax laws change every year and you can depend on us to continuously keep abreast with these changes by strengthening our mastery of the current tax law, complex tax codes and new tax regulations.  We go even further.  We recommend tax saving strategies to our clients, in order to maximize your after-tax income.

We provide tax preparation services to business, trust and estates.


Each and every financial arrangement you make can affect your tax strategy. There are laws and regulation, both federal and state, that have to be considered. You can count on us to be proactive when it comes to your tax planning and compliance.  The team of advisers at Dedicated CPA combine their knowledge and experience in order to find the unique solutions for your company.  The tax environment is a complicated one and your need a strategic partner who will take you through the paces.

You will know that the plan that is prescribed for you is the right fit.  Dedicate CPA will –

  • Project tax payment impact on your business’ cash flow
  • Offer solutions to tax issues and assist with responding to IRS Notices
  • Appraise options available to you to limit tax liability
  • Assist you with maintaining proper compliance
  • And so much more

Within a short time you will be able to refocus your energies to the day-to-day operation of your business, alleviate tax burden and maximize your cash flow.

tax preparation planning


Our team at Dedicated CPA is XERO Certified.  That means we are qualified to advise you as our client on the best way to set up your business using XERO – the cloud-based, accurate and reliable accounting software.


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